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    Abandoned Property
    Accountants, Regulation of
    ADI - Advanced Driver Improvement Course
    Administration, Florida Board of
    Administrative Code, Florida
    Administrative Hearings, Division of
    Administrative Weekly, Florida
    Affordable Housing - Housing Assistance Resources
    Agencies - State of Florida Agencies
    Aging and Health Information
    Aging, Area Agencies on
    Agriculture - Florida Agriculture Guide
    Agriculture News - State of
    Agriculture, Regulation of
    Agriculture and Consumer Services, Florida Department of
    Air Quality, Indoor
    Alcoholic Beverages & Tobacco, Regulation of
    Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco Delinquencies (Public Records)
    Algae and Health Concerns (Water)
    Alligator Products, Harvesting & Links
    Animal Industries - Livestock and Domestic Animals, Regulation of
    Anthrax Information
    Archaeology in Florida
    Architecture and Interior Design, Regulation of
    Archives & Records (Public Records)
    Area Codes Guide
    Art Museums
    Assisted Living Facilities
    Attorney General, Florida
    Attorney Search and Lawyer Referral
    Auditor General, Florida
    Auto and Motor Vehicle Registration
    Auto Crash Reports, To Order (Florida Highway Patrol)
    Auto Dealers, To Report Complaints Against
    Auto Insurance (Car Insurance Information)
    Auto Record / How to Locate Previous Owner
    Auto and Motor Vehicle Registration; Tags and Titles (Cars, Boats, Trucks, etc.)
    Auto and Motor Vehicle Sales, Regulation of
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    Background Checks (Public Records)
    Banking and Finance (See Financial Services Department)
    Banking & Finance Licensing Reports (Public Records)
    Bankruptcy Assistance
    Bank Regulation (Banks, Financial Institutions)
    Beaches - Florida Beaches
    Beach Water Quality
    Better Business Bureau
    Bicycle and Pedestrian Programs, Laws
    Birds - Birding in Florida
    Birth Certificates (Florida)
    Blind Services
    Boat Registrations & Titles (Boat Licensing)
    Boating Course (Online Boating Education)
    Boating Safety - More Boating Info
    Bridge Navigation Guide
    Bridges in Florida
    Brownfields, Industrial
    Budget - Florida State Government Budget Information
    Bugs and insects in Florida | Agriculture Pests
    Building Codes, Florida
    Business (Doing Business in Florida)
    Business Assistance
    Business News - State of (Florida Business News)
    Business Regulation (All Agencies)
    Business and Professional Regulation
    Business Licenses; Licensing Requirements (Florida Business Guide)
    Business Tax Information
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    Cabinet / Florida Cabinet
    Camping - Florida camping information
    Canoe Trails
    Car (Auto) Registration
    Cemetery / Cemeteries, Regulation of
    Cemetery Records (Gravestones & Florida Graves Info.)
    Census and Population Data by County
    Chambers of Commerce
    Charitable organizations in Florida - Search by key word (Gift Givers' Guide)
    Charities, Regulation of
    Child Abuse
    Child Care
    Child Labor
    Child Support
    Children and Families, Florida Department of
    Children & Families (News) - State of
    Children & Families (Services)
    Christian Coalition
    Cities - City Websites (City Government Guide)
    Citizenship / How to become U.S. citizen
    Citrus Canker Information
    City & County Information
    Civil Rights
    Clemency, Office of
    Clerk of the Court Offices (Clerks & Courts by County)
    Coastal Management Program
    Coastal and Aquatic Habitats
    Coastal & Aquatic Managed Areas
    Codes & Ordinances
    College / Prepaid College Program
    Colleges and Universities
    Community Colleges
    Community Affairs, Florida Department of
    Community Development
    Community Relations
    Community Service, Florida Commission on
    Company "Fictitious Name" DBA Locator
    Company Database / Corporation Database
    Comprehensive Plans, Local
    Comptroller's Office - SEE instead new Financial Services Department
    Concealed Weapons and Firearms
    Condominiums, Regulation of
    Conflict Resolution Consortium
    Conservative Caucus
    Constitution and Florida Statutes
    Construction, Regulation of (Registration - Licensing)
    Consumer Assistance - Consumers Guide
    Consumer Complaints
    Consumer Issues (News) - State of
    Contracts and Bid Opportunities (State Purchasing)
    Corporations Information
    Corporations - Florida Division of Corporations
    Corporations Search - Corporation Locator
    Corrections, Florida Department of
    Corrections and Law Enforcement (All Agencies)
    Corrections (Recent News) - State of
    Corrections / Inmate Search
    Corrections / Inmate Escape Search
    Corrections / Inmate Release Search
    Corrections / Prisons List
    Corrections / Sentencing Guidelines
    Corrections / Statistics
    Counties (County Government Guide)
    County Map and Local Government Information Links
    Courts and Legal Information
    Crime Statistics
    Criminal Records, History Information Request
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    Dairy Inspection and Regulation
    Death Certificates
    Death Row Facts
    Democratic Party of Florida
    Developments of Regional Impact (DRI)
    Disabled - Disabilities, Developmental Services
    Disabled Parking
    Disbursement of Funds - Comptroller
    Discrimination - Human Relations Commission
    Dissolution of Marriage Info
    Diving, beaches, water habitats and other outdoor activities
    Division of Elections
    Divorce Class Online
    Divorce Information - Florida Divorce Guide
    Divorce Records
    Doing Business in Florida
    DMV Info
    Dolphins - Marine Research
    Domestic Security
    Domestic Violence
    Drinking Water; Water Resource Management; Water Testing
    Driver License Information - Drivers
    Driver Training Classes Online
    Drivers License Handbook
    Drivers License & Motor Vehicle Registration (New Residents)
    Driving Records
    Driving Times Between Cities
    Driving Under the Influence (DUI)
    DUI Information
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    E-Pass Express Tolls Info
    Economic Development Guide
    Education Guide, Florida
    Education, Florida Board of (Florida Education Guide)
    Education, Florida Department of
    Education (News) - State of
    Education Statistics and School Performance Rankings
    Elder Affairs, Florida Department of (Seniors)
    Elected Representatives (Public Officials)
    Election Calendar
    Elections and Voter Information
    Emergency Management, Division of
    Employment and Jobs (Florida Employment Guide)
    Endangered Species, Protection of
    Energy Programs and Housing Assistance Resources
    Environment - Natural Resources (Florida Environment Guide)
    Environment News - State of
    Environmental Emergency and Law Enforcement
    Environmental Permitting
    Environmental Protection and Regulation, Florida Department of
    Environmental Protection Agency
    Environmental / Storage Tank Regulation
    Ethics Commission - Florida Commission on Ethics
    Evaluation of State Programs (OPPAGA)
    Everglades - Florida Everglades
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    Facts about Florida - History, Population, Symbols
    Family Services, Childrens Programs, Health Care Assistance, Procedures
    FCAT - Testing (Florida Education Guide)
    Fictitious Name Registration - Florida Businesses (Sole Proprietorship)
    Financial Aid (Education Assistance)
    Financial Services, Florida Department of
    Firearms (General Information)
    Firearms, Concealed (Regulation and Licensing)
    Firearms, Concealed Weapons, Guns (Florida Public Records Guide)
    Fire Management (Division of Forestry)
    Fire Marshal, State
    First Time Driver
    Fishing Information
    Fishing Licenses
    Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, Florida
    Florida Administrative Code
    Florida Administrative Weekly
    Florida Advanced Driver Improvement (ADI)
    Florida Boating Course
    Florida Business Guide
    Florida Communities Trust
    Florida Divorce Guide
    Florida DMV Guide
    Florida DMV Driving Records
    Florida Drivers License Information
    Florida Driving Records
    Florida Facts (Quick Facts, History, Population)
    Florida LLC
    Florida Limited Liability Company
    Florida Notary Renewal
    Florida Online Traffic School
    Florida Relocation
    Florida Residency
    Florida Statutes and Constitution
    Florida Taxes - Florida Tax Guide
    Folklife Programs
    Food Safety and Inspections
    Food Stamps, Welfare and Economic Assistance
    Food and Meat Inspection
    Forestry, Division of
    Forests - State Forests
    Foster Care and Children Services
    Fruit and Vegetable Inspection
    Fugitives and Most Wanted Criminals
    Funeral and Cemetary, Regulation of
    Funeral & Cemetery (Licensee - Public Records)
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    Gasoline - Gas and Petroleum (Regulation of)
    Genealogy Resources
    Geographic Names Information System of U.S. (Find a Place)
    Geography - Florida Geography
    Geological Survey - Florida Geology
    Golf and Recreational Activities in Florida
    Government - State Officials and Government Offices
    Government and State Politics (Recent News - State of
    Government - U.S. Government (Federal)
    Governor Charlie Crist
    Grants - Federal Benefits, Grants and Funding Sources
    Growth Management Study Commission
    Guns, Regulation of (Concealed Weapons)
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    Handicapped Parking (See: Disabled Parking)
    Hazardous Materials Transport (See: "Hazardous Materials")
    Health and Family Services (Florida Health Guide)
    Health Care News - State of
    Health Care, Medical Board (Regulation and Licensing)
    Health Care Administration, Agency for
    Health Care Facility Locator
    Health Department (Florida Department of Health)
    Health Facility Concerns
    Health Statistics and Health Care Links
    Highways and Transportation Resources (Transportation Guide)
    Highway Patrol, Florida
    Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, Florida Department of
    Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles (Public Records)
    Hiking and Camping
    Historic Attractions and Historical Resources
    Historic Places in Florida
    Historic Preservation, Bureau of
    History - Florida Facts
    HIV/AIDS Continuing Education
    Holidays - State Government Holidays
    Home Insurance (Homeowner Insurance Info)
    Homeowners Associations, Complaints and Requirements
    Homestead Exemption
    Hospice Programs and Services
    Hospitals and Medical Facilities Locator
    House of Representatives (Florida Legislature)
    Housing Assistance Guide
    Hunting Information | Hunting Licenses
    Hurricane Information
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    Identity Theft Protection
    Immigration Information (How to become a U.S. citizen)
    Injection Wells (Underground)
    Inmates, Prisons and Corrections
    Insect Identification - Crop Insects | Florida bugs in general
    Insurance Information and Assistance (Florida Insurance Guide)
    Insurance Department (See new Office of Insurance Regulation)
    Insurance Continuing Education
    Intangible Tax
    International Trade Assistance
    Intracoastal Waterway
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    Jobs and Labor Information (Florida Jobs Guide)
    Jobs and Employment Opportunities (National)
    Jury Duty
    Juvenile Delinquency
    Juvenile Justice, Florida Department of
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    Kennedy Space Center
    Kidcare Insurance - Florida Kidcare
    Kids Page
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    Labor and Employment Security, Florida Department of (See Employment Guide)
    Labor Market Statistics and Information
    Lakes, Water Bodies and Related Information
    Land Acquisition for Preservation, Conservation
    Land - State Lands
    Land Use and Permitting
    Land Use and Transportation Planning
    Landlord and Tenant Issues
    Landscaping for Wildlife (Florida Plants Information)
    Laws and Legal Resources
    Law Enforcement (All Agencies)
    Law Enforcement, Florida Department of
    Learner’s Permit
    Legal Resources
    Legislature, Florida
    Legislature - Find Your Legislators or public officials
    Lemon Law (Auto Complaints)
    Libraries in Florida
    License and Permit Information
    Licenses - Business Licenses (Doing Business in Florida)
    Licenses (Driver License)
    Life in Florida
    Lighthouses - Florida Lighthouses
    Limited Liability Company Information - Florida LLC Information
    Living Will
    LLC Information and Filings
    Lobbyists - State Registered Lobbyists
    Lottery, Florida - Lotto, Lottery Numbers
    Love bugs
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    Management Services, Florida Department of
    Map - Florida Highway Map
    Maps, Mileage, Directions
    Marriage Certificates and Records
    Marriage License Information
    Mass Transit (Transportation)
    Medicaid Services
    Medical - Florida Health Guide
    Medical Doctors - Medical Professionals (Licensing and Regulation of)
    Medical Malpractice
    Medical Schools
    Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plan - Blue Cross Blue Shield Info.
    Medicine, Florida Board of
    Mileage Between Florida Cities
    Military Affairs, Florida Department of
    Mine Reclamation
    Minority Business - One Florida Initiative
    Missing Children
    Mobile Homes, Regulation of
    Most Wanted Fugitives
    Motorcycle Safety
    Motor Vehicles - Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles
    Motor Vehicles (Public Information)
    Moving to Florida Information
    Municipalities - Florida Cities, Towns
    Museums - Florida Museums
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    National Guard
    National Parks in Florida
    Natural Resources - Environment Guide
    New Hire Reporting - Florida Department of Revenue
    News (Recent Florida News)
    "No Call" List (See: Telephone)
    Non-profit organizations requirements
    Notary Public - Become a Florida Notary
    Notary Renewals
    Nursing Home Information
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    Obituary - Obituaries Information
    Occupational licenses and information on doing business in Florida
    Office of Program Policy Analysis and Government Accountability (OPPAGA)
    One Florida Initiative
    Online Traffic School
    Ordinances & Codes
    Organ Donor
    Organics - Organic Food Certification
    OSHA Training Online
    Outdoor Activities
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    Panthers - Florida Panther Information
    Parenting Class - Florida Divorce Requirement
    Parks - State Parks
    Parole Commission
    Patents and Trademarks
    Pedestrian and Bicycle Programs
    Permits and Licenses (All Types)
    Permitting Assistance
    Pest Control Complaints
    Pest Control, Regulation of
    Phosphate Management
    Photo Archives of Florida - Search Photos
    Planning Guide - Community Planning/Local Comprehensive Plans
    Poison Information Center
    Police Departments
    Politics and Political Organizations
    Politics (Recent News) - State of
    Pollen Count
    Population - Florida's Population
    Ports - Florida Ports, Maritime
    Posters (Required Workplace Posters)
    Pregnancy Information
    Power Lines - Electro-magnetic Fields Regulation
    Price Gouging
    Privacy for Your Driving Records and Motor Vehicle Information
    Probate Guide
    Professional Regulation (All Agencies)
    Professional License Search (Public Records)
    Property Taxes - Property Appraisers
    Protected Species
    Public Lands - State Lands
    Public Records - How to Access Information
    Public Service Commission, Florida
    Purchasing - Doing business with the state
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    Radon - Air Quality
    Rail Systems (Transportation Guide)
    Real Estate
    Records Retention Guidelines (by State Agency)
    Red Tide
    Refugee Programs
    Regional Planning Councils
    Regional Sites and Activities
    Regulated Industries and Professions
    Regulated Industries (Complaints Against)
    Relocation Information - Relocating to Florida
    Republican Party of Florida
    Requirements for Industry (Regulated Industries)
    Research (Universities)
    Residency - Florida Resident
    Restaurant Inspections - Reports
    Restaurants - Regulation and Licensing of
    Retirement - Florida Seniors Guide
    Retirement Division (State Employees)
    Revenue, Florida Department of
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    Sales Taxes - Sales Tax Information
    Seafood - Florida Seafood Information
    Secretary of State
    Securities Licensing
    Senate - Florida Legislature
    Senior Drivers - Online Class
    Seniors Guide
    Septic Tank Information
    Sexual Offenders - Predators Database Search (Public Records)
    Sexually Transmitted Diseases
    Smoking Ban - Clean Indoor Air Act (Consumer Topics)
    Social Services
    Solar Energy
    Sports - Florida Professional Sports
    Sports Links
    Starting a business in Florida
    State, Florida Department of
    State Agencies
    State Attorneys
    State Employees
    State Officials and Government Offices
    State of Florida Traffic School
    State Parks
    Statutes and Constitution of Florida
    Stolen Property Database (Florida Department of Law Enforcement)
    SunPass Toll Info
    Sunshine Law
    Surplus Property (Donation Program)
    Suspended License Course - Suspended
    Sustainable Communities Information
    Swimming Pools, Public (Regulation of)
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    Tags - Titles - Registration (Autos and Other Motor Vehicles)
    Tax Collectors (Local Offices)
    Taxes in Florida (Florida Tax Guide)
    Tax Information (Types of taxes collected)
    Tax Information for Businesses
    Tax Information for Non-Profits
    Tax Law Library
    Taxpayer Bill of Rights
    Tax Watch, Florida
    Teacher Salaries - Certification Info
    Telephone Area Codes
    Telephone Solicitation Complaints and "No Call" List
    Things to Do & See in Florida
    Titles - Tags (Motor Vehicles)
    Tobacco Database of Sales to Minors
    Tourism Guide (Things to Do & See, Florida Travel Information)
    Tourism and Florida's Economy
    Trademark Database (Florida)
    Traffic Courts
    Traffic Homicide Investigations
    Traffic Laws, Selected
    Traffic School Info
    Traffic Ticket Course - Basic Driver Improvement (BDI)
    Transportation (Florida Transportation Guide)
    Transportation, Florida Department of
    Travel Statistics and Economy Facts
    Travel and Tourism - Visit Florida Information
    Traveler Information (Transportation, Maps, Directions)
    Back to Top
    U.S. Government (Federal)
    Unclaimed Property
    Unemployment Assistance and Information - Florida Employment Guide
    Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) Filings Search
    Universities - Florida Colleges and Universities
    University Research
    Utilities, Regulation of
    Utility Regulation (Public Records)
    Back to Top
    Vacation Guide
    Veterans Affairs, Florida Department of
    Veterinary Medicine, Florida Board of
    Victims' Rights in Florida
    Visit Florida - Tourism and Travel Information
    Vital Records and Statistics (Public Records)
    Voter Information
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    Waste Management - Solid and Hazardous Waste
    Waste Water Programs
    Water Management Districts
    Water Programs, Resources, Testing
    Weather (Current Florida Weather)
    Weather and Seasons Info
    Web Cams
    Welfare and Family Assistance Programs (Economic Services)
    Welfare-to-Work (Welfare Transition Program)
    West Nile Virus
    Wildlife in Florida
    Wills & Estates
    Workers Compensation
    Workforce Florida
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