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Permitting & Licensing

Florida Permits Guide SM

Auto Tags & Titles (Motor Vehicles)
Florida Department of Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles
Online Services & Renewals | Registration Questions
> Office Locations (by County)

Driver Licenses
Drivers License, Vehicle Registration, Change of Address, DMV Office Locations, Online Renewal & Address Change

Air Related Permits
Permit Information

Beaches & Coastal Permitting

Boat Registration & Titles |More

Building Permits

Burning Permits

Business Licensing & Permitting
   Florida Business Guide - Doing Business in Florida

Dock Permits (Locate & Contact Regional DEP Office)

Drinking Water

Environmental Permitting

ERP and Dredge and Fill
Environmental - Storage Tank Regulation
Locate DEP Regional Offices
>> DEP Divisions & Contacts

Fishing & Hunting
Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

Fossil Permit

Hazardous Waste

Health Related Businesses
Septic Systems, Public Swimming Pools, Water System Construction

Learner's Permits - Florida Online Learner's Permit - Website for first time drivers/restricted Florida driver's license course and online testing site

Marriage Licenses
State of

OSPREY One-Stop Permit Registry

Permits (General Information)

Professionals, Regulation of
Florida Regulated Industries Guide

Regulated Industries in Florida
Florida Regulated Industries Guide - Licensing & regulation information for Florida businesses and professionals

Solid Waste

State Park Use

Treasure Salvage


Water Management & Permitting
Major Projects, Large Users Permitting (Regional Offices)
Drinking Water Permitting
Wastewater Permitting

Wetland Permits

Additional Local Permits:

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