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Online Advanced Driver Improvement

Do I Need This Course?

If your license has been suspended or revoked for points, or because you are a habitual traffic offender meaning you've received 12 points in the past year on your driving record, or by court order, then this course is for you. Once you get your enrollment verification and submit it to the DMV to prove you have signed-up for this ADI course, you can get your Florida hardship license.

License Reinstatement

During registration, we give you two options to have your enrollment verification delivered — email and U.S. First Class Mail. This form is necessary to get your hardship license. When you receive your form, submit it to your DMV and you will get your driving privileges back!

About Our Course

The Florida advanced driver improvement (ADI) Course includes 6 sections, a conclusion and a final exam. Simply respond to the questions in your own words and study the course material as you progress to help you prepare for the final exam. Once you pass the final exam, we automatically process your certificate of completion. Note: You may want to choose the email enrollment verification option during registration to get your license reinstated sooner.