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Terms and Conditions of Use

Florida Notary Service Refund Policy

If an order is cancelled after you have made payment but prior to submitting your application documents, Florida Notary Service will refund you your total order upon written request by you. If an order is cancelled after your application document(s) have been processed by Florida Notary Service and/or after payment is committed or paid to the applicable state agency or suppliers, no refund will be provided.

Notary Stamps Replacement Policy

Stamps are replaceable at no cost up to 90 days after purchase date. If you need a replacement after 90 days, a new custom stamp can be purchased at

If you need a replacement due to misinformation that you have provided to us for the manufacturing of your stamp materials, you will be charged a $15 re-processing fee. This fee includes manufacturing and shipping costs.

If you have a new address that your material will need to ship to, contact us as soon as this is determined. If the stamp has not been produced and mailed out, then we will be able to update your address at no cost. If the stamp has already been mailed out and is returned to us, we may charge a mailing fee of $7.50 to ship to a new address.

If the stamp has been delivered to an address that no longer is your residence or is deemed unrecoverable, a re-processing fee of $15 will be charged for a new stamp.

Legal Disclaimer

Florida Notary Service provides general information only and does not provide legal advice. If you require legal advice or other professional advice, we strongly recommend that you contact an attorney or other appropriate professional who is familiar with your particular situation and is experienced in such matters. Florida Notary Service uses the information you provide in order to complete the required documents and application materials. No representations or warranties, expressed or implied, are given regarding the legal or other consequences resulting from the use of our services or forms.