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Online Florida Driver Education

There is nothing quite like getting your driver's license. The freedom, responsibilities, and opportunities it creates mark and exciting milestone in the lives of new drivers and their families.

In Florida, the state-required driver education course has two names: 4-Hour Drug and Alcohol Course (DATA) and Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education Course (TLSAE). The good news is these are the exact same course and taking a DATA/TLSAE course is the only thing you need to do before applying for a Florida learner's permit.

Online DATA/TLSAE Course

Have you ever taken an online course before? You may be surprised to learn how convenient and affordable it is compared to classroom training. To take an online course, you simply create a username and password, which gives you access to your course 24/7. Unlike a classroom course lecture, the material is presented through engaging text, animations and videos to keep you interested in what you're learning.

The course is broken into seven modules with easy-to-read sections. This format helps guide you through the material. Since our course saves your progress, you don't need to worry about forgetting where you left off or losing progress.

Why Online?

Online courses offer several benefits, which include:

  • Flexible schedules — complete lessons wherever and whenever you want.
  • Self-paced learning — log on and off as needed, course saves your progress.
  • Low cost — save money and time compared to classroom courses.
  • Use any mobile device — complete course on any device with internet access.
  • Available 24/7 — our customer care team is US-based and here for you 24/7.

Getting shuffled to and from class can eat up a lot of time for you and your family, but with an online course you don't have to go anywhere to take it. Our course is mobile friendly, so you can access it on your smartphone, tablet, or any device with internet connectivity. You can work on the course wherever and whenever you want. It really is that simple.

On top of saving time, an online course fits around your schedule. You do not have to complete the class in a single sitting. Spend ten minutes in the course or a few hours — simply start and stop at your leisure. The ability to move at your own pace throughout the entire course makes learning the material more enjoyable and stress-free — ultimately making it easier to retain the information you are learning.

Online courses can be offered at a significantly lower price than a classroom course, which makes them a very affordable option for students and families.

Online Permit Exam

The DATA/TLSAE course can be taken online along with your Official DPS Permit Exam if you are under 18 years old.

Classroom Versus Online

Completing your DATA/TLSAE course online has many advantages compared to traditional classroom training. Not only will you learn the exact same information you would in a classroom, you'll also have the added convenience of flexibility and self-placed learning that the classroom cannot offer.

If you think online training is right for you, sign up for our Florida DHSMV-authorized DATA/TLSAE Course today! We will report your course completion automatically to the DMV.