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Advanced Driver Improvement (ADI) Course

Advanced Driver Improvement (ADI) is a 12-hour driver education course designed for people with serious or habitual traffic offenses on their record. The court may order you to take the course, or you can elect to take it to regain your driving privileges after your license is suspended or revoked.

Reasons to take the ADI course include:

  • You were convicted of or pleaded no contest to three traffic offenses in three years
  • Your license was suspended because of points on your record
  • Your license was suspended after a non-DUI traffic violation that caused serious bodily injury or death
  • Your license was revoked because you are a habitual traffic offender

You can take the ADI course online using your computer, tablet or smartphone. It is divided into six sections, a conclusion and a final exam, and it is accepted by all Florida courts. While the course takes 12 hours to finish, you can break it apart into multiple sessions, logging on and off as needed.

Three Crashes in Three Years Law

The Three Crashes in Three Years Law requires drivers to complete an ADI course if they are involved in three crashes within a period of three years.

If in this period you are convicted of or plead no contest to your third traffic offense that resulted in a crash, you must meet all the requirements of the Three Crashes in Three Years Law.

The law requires you to:

You must meet these requirements within 90 days of your most recent conviction or no contest plea. If you fail to do so, your license will be canceled.

Reinstating Your License After a Point Suspension

When you are convicted of a traffic violation in Florida, points are added to your driving record unless you elect to attend traffic school. If you accumulate too many points, the state will suspend your driver's license.

According to Florida law, the length of the suspension depends on the number of points you accumulate over set periods of time:

  • 12 points in one year results in a 30-day suspension
  • 18 points within 18 months results in a three-month suspension
  • 24 points within 36 months results in a one-year suspension

To get your license reinstated after the suspension period has expired, you must complete an ADI course, pay the reinstatement fee and pass a required exam.

Complete ADI to Receive a Hardship License

If your license was suspended because of points on your record, you can apply for a hardship license. This special license allows you to drive only for reasons related to your employment and certain approved business purposes.

Drivers who commit a non-DUI violation that causes serious bodily injury or death will have their license suspended for three months to one year. These drivers may also request a hardship license.

To apply for a hardship license, you are required to enroll in an ADI course, pass a required exam and pay a fee. You can apply at your local Bureau of Administrative Reviews. Visit the FLHSMV Locations page to find a Bureau of Administrative Reviews in your area.

ADI for Habitual Traffic Offenders

The state of Florida will give you the status of habitual traffic offender (HTO) if you accumulate too many traffic offense convictions within a five-year period. If the FLHSMV determines you are an HTO, your license will be revoked for five years.

You can apply for a hardship license one year after the date your license was revoked. HTOs who receive a hardship license will have their driving privileges reinstated five years after the date of revocation. Those who do not get a hardship license must prove that they are enrolled in or completed an ADI course before their license is reinstated.