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Florida Employment GuideSM

Prevailing Wage Info. (DBRA) | Green Cards | Unemployment

Business & Economy News — State of

Child Labor Laws, Compliance & Enforcement

Company Searches
Locate companies registered in Florida, that do business with the state, or that employ in a particular occupation

Disabled Employment Information
Blind Services | Disability Determination Office

Doing Business in Florida
Business Registration, Corporations, New Hire Reporting, Tax Info

Drug-Free Workplace Program
» Drug-Free Workplace Act
» Drug-Free Workplace — Employers Guide (pdf file)

Employers — Information for Employers
Labor Incentives; Posters Required by Law; Unemployment Compensation
Layoff Notice Requirements (Plant Closings & Mass Layoffs)

Employment — Resources for Job Seekers (SEARCH JOBS)
Employ Florida — Provides resources for businesses and job seekers

Employment — Job Search Resources

State of Florida Government Job Vacancies
Workforce Florida — includes entry level jobs (Search Jobs)

Employment Assistance — One Stop CentersLocation Map

Employment Assistance for Seniors

Employment Assistance (If you have been laid-off)
Directory of One Stop Centers | See also "Unemployment Compensation" below.

Employment & Job Training (at-risk youth) — Florida Jobs Corps

Employment & Jobs Assistance (for Ex-Offenders)

Employment Laws — U.S. Department of Labor
Employment laws that affect businesses as well as workers
See Also: Florida Labor Regulations

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)
Federal Laws/Job Discrimination

Farm Labor Contractor Registration — Compliance, Enforcement

Internship Opportunities (State Government)

Job Seeker Resources
» One-Stop Employment Centers (Locations)
Local offices provide workforce services, employment assistance, access to training & related services in your area

Labor Laws (General Labor Regulations in Florida)
Florida Labor Laws. See Also: U.S. Dept. of Labor info for Workers/Employees or Employers/Companies.

Labor Market Statistics
Research information on employment projections, useful state economic data

Labor, U.S. Department of Labor (Federal)

Minimum Wage — Florida Minimum Wage
In 2004 Florida voters approved a constitutional amendment to increase Florida's minimum wage to $6.15 per hour by May 2, 2005 (from the Federal minimum wage of $5.15 per hour). This change takes effect on May 2, 2005, at which point all Florida employers must be in compliance with the wage increase. In subsequent years, the state's minimum wage will be adjusted annually to reflect the rate of inflation with the new minimum wage taking effect on January 1 of each year.

New Hire Reporting (for employers)

OSHA — Occupational Safety & Health Administration
Private sector workplace safety issues (U.S. Dept. of Labor)

Population Data for Florida (Cities, Counties, etc.)

Posters (for Employers) — Posters Required by Law
Employment & Labor Related Posters for Employers & Work Sites

Safety in the Workplace Issues (Filing a complaint with OSHA)

Starting a business in Florida?
Doing Business in Florida is the Florida Business Guide

State Employees, Information for

State Government Jobs (By Region)

State Government (Online Job Application)
Requires registration and sign-in; keep track of employment opportunities; register your user ID and password.

(State Jobs) Career Service Guide
Benefits, Application & Selection Process, How to Locate Positions

Florida Unemployment Guide

Unemployment Compensation
Unemployment insurance provides temporary wage replacement benefits to qualified individuals who are out of work through no fault of their own
Employer Information | Unemployment Tax Forms
Quarterly Report Forms, New Hire Reporting, Tax & Rate Info, Incentive Programs
Job Seekers — Information if you are unemployed | Claims (Online)
Claims Info. & Forms, Appeals, Benefit Rights
One Stop Centers (Local Assistance Offices)
» More Information — Florida Statutes

Vocational Rehabilitation Programs

Wages & Hours Issues
Addresses federal wage and labor issues including: Minimum Wage, Overtime, Holiday Pay, Severance Pay, Sick Leave, Vacations

Welfare Transition Program
Replaced Florida's previous welfare system; to assist families to achieve self-sufficiency by moving from welfare to work. Previously called: WAGES or Welfare-to-Work

Workers Compensation
Workers' Compensation information for employers, injured workers, medical providers and insurance companies; directory; contacts; forms & publications
» Medical Services — Workers Compensation Managed Health Care
» Compensation Claims (Office of Judges)
» Proof of Coverage — Compliance Database (By Employer)
» Education — Reemployment and redeployment of injured workers into the workforce

Workforce Florida, Inc.
Florida's main workforce policy organization

Workforce Innovation, Agency for
Agency has responsibility for workforce related assistance to employers & workers

Workplace Hazards (Complaints)

More Employment Information & Links

Many additional public sector or government job opportunities may be available in your city, county, or community college or university, as well as public schools (also see direct educator employment links below).

Many public organizations as well as Florida companies have job announcements or links to personnel departments included on their websites. In addition, more company jobs today are found by going directly to the source. You may want to review the business sections of Florida newspapers for information on hot companies...or contact a particular company's personnel office (and look for their website to learn more about what the company does) to see if there are opportunities in your area. It's important to remember that many commercial job opportunities are not widely advertised.

More Florida Government Employment Links:

Florida College & University Employment Opportunities: