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Florida Mature Driver Insurance Discount Course

Florida drivers ages 55 and older can receive discounted rates on auto insurance by completing a mature driver accident prevention course. You can take the mature driver course online using your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Your insurance company decides the amount of the discount, and the lowered rate generally lasts for three years.

What Is Covered in the Course?

Topics covered in the course include current traffic laws, defensive driving techniques and factors that can impact your driving abilities. You are required to complete lesson quizzes and pass an exam to receive your certificate of completion.

Is the Mature Driver Course Approved by the State of Florida?

Yes, the course provided by is approved by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV).

How Long Does It Take to Complete?

The course takes six hours to complete. You can work on the course over multiple sessions, logging on and off as needed.

What Is the Amount of the Discount?

Your insurance company determines the exact discount applied to your rate, but it normally ranges from 3 to 10 percent. Contact your insurance company for additional details.

How Do I Get My Discount?

You will receive a certificate via email when you finish the course. To get your discount, contact your insurance company and provide the certificate. If you maintain a safe driving record, Florida law mandates that your insurance provider must grant you a discount.

How Long Will the Discount Last?

The insurance discount generally lasts three years. However, you will lose the discount if you:

  • Are convicted of a moving violation
  • Plead guilty or no contest (nolo contendere) to a moving violation
  • Are cited for being at fault in a crash

When your discount expires, you can take the course again and request another discount from your insurance company.

Is the Mature Driver Course Offered in Other states?

Yes, also offers auto insurance discount courses for California, New Jersey, Tennessee and Virginia residents. If you live in a different state, check with your DMV to find out if an applicable discount course is available.

Is a Mature Driver Course Certificate from Another State Valid in Florida?

No, only mature driver courses approved by FLHSMV will qualify you for a discount. However, previous experience with a mature driver course will help prepare you to pass the Florida course.