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College Majors That Are Worth It

The job market is a competitive place to be and, in the working world, a college degree certainly opens doors and opportunities that a lack of degree would prohibit. However, with an increasing number of people attending college, what then is the determining factor in regards to who gets a job? One important thing that can set one graduate apart from another, particularly those who didn't attend an Ivy League school, is the major they chose. So, in a time when obtaining a college degree no longer equates with receiving a job, choosing the right major is one of the most important decisions a student can make.

Luckily, you don't have to just guess which major will land you a job, nor do you have to choose a major that isn't a good fit for you. Many people have done research on which college majors are "worth it" in terms of finding a job and earning a good salary upon college graduation. With a plethora of college majors to choose from, the following is a list of a variety of valuable college majors, one of which might be the perfect pick for you:


For those science-minded individuals out there who are willing to take some of the most challenging courses your college offers, this major is the perfect step towards securing a well-paid job right out of college. With many different types of engineering to choose from, such as biomedical, civil, mechanical, and environmental, you can find something that not only pays the bills, but that you also actually enjoy.

Computer Science

In a generation where technological advances are constantly surfacing and more and more workplaces involve extensive use of a computer, this major helps make a student a very valuable job applicant. This major is for those who want to learn about software development and programs that operate computers and other electronic devices. If you have a knack for computers, you may want to seriously consider this option.


For the math and business-oriented people out there, a degree in finance might be a great match for you. Of course, this degree requires more than just a love for numbers and money - being a major in Finance requires difficult classes such as accounting and statistics. But choosing this major does provide the potential for a vast array of post-graduate opportunities, as companies in every field of business need someone to analyze their finances.


So, what about those students who aren't math and science-minded? Don't worry - there is hope for you too. Although math and science graduates typically snag the highest paying jobs, companies also need people who excel in communication, both written and oral. Opportunities in companies may include positions in public relations, speech writing, or other forms of communication. For those of you who like writing or interacting with people, this may be a great match for you.

Degrees To Get More Degrees

However, if you are a student who plans on sticking out your college career for more than four years in order to earn multiple degrees or graduate degrees, these can also make you a competitive applicant in the job market. The important thing to consider is to choose a major that will help you excel in the coursework and profession you plan to pursue. If you are interested in going furthering your education in medical school, a major like Biology would be a great match. For those interested in attending law school, a major that builds strong communication skills is important, such as Political Science, English, or History.

Regardless of which major you choose, you should realize that any kind of professional degree sets you apart from many in the pool of applicants that are competing for the jobs you want.