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Universal Orlando Versus Walt Disney World

There are rivalries in all aspects of life: sports, schools, and businesses, for example. Tourism is no exception, and with such a large tourism industry, Florida hosts the two top contenders for tourist attractions: Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando. Both theme parks are first-class establishments, but each has something unique to offer their visitors. Possibly the most important factor to compare between Disney and Universal is the price of admission into their parks:

Non-Florida Resident Values - Universal
Days ValidSingle Park AdmissionPark-to-Park Admission (Both Parks)
Non-Florida Resident Values - Disney
Days ValidSingle Park AdmissionPark-to-Park Admission (All Parks)
1-DayMagic Kingdom: $99

Epcot, Animal Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios: $94
Magic Kingdom: $93

Epcot, Animal Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios: $88

It is important to keep in mind that Walt Disney World offers four theme parks, so the prices reflected under the Park-to-Park column gives you access to all four: Magic Kindgom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom. Disney World also has two water parks, admission to which is not included in the prices reflected above. Universal Studios has two theme parks, so the price reflected under Park-to-Park admission gives you access to two theme parks: Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure.

Price may not be the only factor in making a decision between the two attractions. Each park in Universal's and Disney's repertoire has a theme to entice tourists. Some of these parks contain new rides, revamped attractions or even new sections of the park entirely. For example, Disney's Hollywood Studios recently remodeled their Star Tours ride, based off of the successful Star Wars movie franchise. In the Magic Kingdom, a new Little Mermaid ride has opened recently, as well as a new French restaurant Be Our Guest, with a Beauty and the Beast theme. Disney also has regular parades and a large fireworks show every night.

Universal Orlando has new additions to their parks as well including Islands of Adventure's "Wizarding World of Harry Potter." This section of the theme park now contains two rollercoasters, a simulation ride, shops and restaurants, all which mimic the theme and feel of the "Harry Potter" franchise. Soon to open in the Universal Studios park is Universal Studios park is Diagon Alley, or the magical section of London not accessible by muggles. Another big draw for Universal is Universal Studios park is Diagon Alley which begin in September of every year.

Disney and Universal both have attractions that appeal to every tourist. Due to the large variety offered at both amusement parks, the decision of which is preferable is a matter of personal opinion. No matter which park you choose, however, you are guaranteed to have a great time!