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Statements of Interest

State of Seeks Statements of Interest from Qualified Firms

Purpose: State of intends to enter into discussion, negotiate and contract with organizations conducting business in Florida. The selected organizations will offer services or products which address the needs of State of web site visitors and clients. Selected services and products may be marketed in association with this web site and will be selected to add value for clients as a complement to information provided by State of Opportunities selected for further consideration will be determined based on information received in response to this announcement.

Requirements: To be selected for further consideration, a responding organization must:

  • Be a going business concern operating in good standing
  • Have established delivery channels for its existing services or products
  • Be open to innovation in developing and refining offerings to meet client needs
  • Have the capability and desire to professionally service new business
Response Instructions: Information may be submitted for consideration by mail, fax or email to: State of, Attn: Statements of Interest, 225 E Robinson St #570, Orlando, FL 32801; or by FAX to (407) 645-5116; or by email. Your response should not exceed one page plus optional cover sheet. Each response will be confirmed upon receipt via email to the individual indicated as your point of contact. All responses to this announcement are confidential.
  1. Organization Name
  2. Complete address of principal business location
  3. Point of Contact (Name, Title, Telephone, Fax, Email)
  4. Mailing Address (if different from above)
  5. Tell us about your company and product or service
  6. Do you offer this service/product on a statewide basis? (Explain)
  7. Describe the business relationship you are interested in exploring with State of
  8. Is there any other information you would like us to consider?

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Potential opportunities for the selected contractor include:

  • Exclusive ability to offer specific lines of services/products in association with State of This may include service/product referrals, the offering of your organization's services through this web site, product licensing or other opportunities and considerations as may be appropriate under the circumstances.
  • State of may also be available to provide consulting, advice, or otherwise work with a qualified firm to develop, expand or refine its offerings to meet client and market needs. This includes the benefit of our specific experience, knowledge base and understanding of associated market opportunities.

Nature of Anticipated Business Relationship: Primary emphasis will be given to the ability to meet client needs in an emerging business environment. The interest of the parties and the nature and scope of the services/products to be offered will determine the specific relationship between State of and the selected contractor. It is anticipated that services/products will be designed or incorporated to add value to the State of user experience while generating revenue for the parties. State of further anticipates entering into exclusive, non-exclusive, marketing, product development, consulting, licensing, royalty, sponsorship, revenue sharing or other revenue generating arrangements with the selected contractor(s) as may be appropriate and necessary to accomplish its commercial objectives. State of will also consider the eventual transfer of intellectual property or associated business assets to a selected organization.

Statements of interest submitted in response to this announcement will be considered as they are received. State of will administer a competitive review process and anticipates selecting one or more opportunities for further consideration but is under no obligation to contract with any of the responding parties.

Additional Guidance for Statements of Interest