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Florida University Research

University Research Office
Contacts & Information

Agriculture & Related Research Areas
Various locations throughout Florida

Computers — Software, IT, Simulation

  • Institute for Simulation & Training (UCF)
  • Computational Science & Information Technology (FSU)
  • More

Entomology Laboratory (UF)



  • Materials Science and Engineering (UF)
  • Center for Materials Research & Technology — MARTECH (FSU)

Particle Science Research
Particle Science Engineering Research Center (UF)

Solar Energy
Florida Solar Energy Center (UCF)

Florida ExpertNet
Locate applied research expertise in Florida universities

Antarctic Research Facility (FSU)

Electro Optics & Lasers

Fluid Dynamics
Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Inst (FSU)

Marine & Aquatic Research
Various locations throughout the state

Natural Resources
Center for Natural Resources (UF)

Polymer Research
Butler Polymer Research Laboratory (UF)

Transportation Research
Center for Urban Transportation Research (USF)