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Doing Business in Florida

We appreciate your consideration of Florida as your future home or business location. You will also find Florida is an excellent place to enjoy your vacation or holiday. Whatever your interest, our chamber of commerce guide provides access to contacts and information in local communities which we hope will add value for your visit.

Relocation to Florida: If you are considering Florida as a potential location for your business or are interested in receiving information for your move to Florida, the local chamber of commerce can be an invaluable resource. Local chamber officials can often offer expertise on the community, economic statistics and contacts to help make your business transition — or your personal move to a new community - go smoothly and be more enjoyable. Also see our Moving to Florida Guide for helpful assistance and information.

Businesses: For information required to start a business in Florida, operate a Florida commercial facility, or learn more about regulations which affect your business, you may also want to review our Florida Business Guide. If you are considering Florida for your business relocation or expansion, please see our Florida Economic Development Guide.

Tourism & Visitors: Many of us in Florida depend on the tourism, hospitality, construction and associated industries for our livelihoods. For this reason, in addition to our normally friendly nature, you will find most Floridians are especially concerned for our visitors' enjoyment. There is an often uttered phrase in Florida that says everyone here is originally from someplace else – and it's generally true. Some folks even put license plates on the front of their cars proclaiming they are "Native" since these individuals can be few and far between, and this very fact can be a great source of individual pride. So most Floridians will easily identify with your situation if you are new to our state. Most of us were new at some point also, so there is no need to feel out of place here. See our Florida Tourism Guide for great things to see and do!

As you learn more about Florida you will quickly see why our diversity and business-friendly climate are becoming legendary. Florida is not only a great place to visit or do business, it is an excellent place to live as any age. Come stay for awhile and you'll see why we say It's Your Florida! SM Because it really can be. Welcome to Florida!!

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