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Driver Improvement Courses

When to take a driver improvement course:

All Drivers (Register Here) — A driver improvement course is applicable when you are a Florida driver or if you are charged with a moving or non-moving traffic violation in Florida that would result in points being assessed against your license (excludes criminal violations and commercial drivers charged with serious traffic violations with commercial vehicles). There are many benefits associated with taking an approved driver improvement course.

Additional Information:
Florida Statutes, Chapter 318 — Disposition of Traffic Infractions

First Time Drivers (Register Here) — If you have never had a regular driver's license in any state, you must complete a Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education (TLSAE) course before applying for a temporary driving permit (restricted driver's license) in Florida.

Additional Information:
Florida Statutes, Chapter 322.095 — Traffic law and substance abuse education program for driver's license applicants

Senior Drivers (Register Here) — In addition, if you are a senior driver in Florida, the Mature Driver Program may help reduce your auto insurance rates. Rate reduction will be applicable for 3 years. You will need to contact your insurance company for the specific dollar amount of your rate reduction, which may depend on your individual insurance situation.

Additional Information:
Florida Statutes, 627.0652

Driver's License Suspended or Revoked?
Advanced Driver Improvement (ADI) Course(Register Here)
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What is the benefit of taking a driver improvement course?

When you take an approved driver improvement class as a result of an applicable traffic violation, the violation is included on your driver record as "adjudication withheld"(Florida Statutes, 318.14(9)):

  • No points are assessed against your driver's license
  • Civil fine/penalty may be reduced up to 18%
  • Your Safe Driver status is maintained (as long as there was no traffic accident involved)
  • Your insurance company cannot raise your premium or refuse to renew a policy for motor vehicle insurance (solely because of a non-criminal traffic infraction) when there was no traffic accident involved. Exceptions are when you: have a second infraction within 18 months, have a third infraction within 36 months, or exceed the speed limit by more than 15 miles per hour.
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Do I still have to pay a civil fine when I take a driver improvement class? If yes, how can I find out what my ticket will actually cost?

When you take a driver improvement course, the civil fine may be reduced by up to 18 percent as required by law. This reduction is from the amount indicated by the ticketing officer on the traffic citation. To find out exactly how much your fine will be as a result of taking a driver improvement course, you may contact the Traffic Division of the Clerk of the Courts in the county where you received the citation. If you live in another county, you must still contact the county where you received the citation. The ticketing officer may have provided you with an envelope which can be used to indicate your desire to attend a driver improvement course; or you may need to visit or contact the Clerk of the Courts office for additional information required by that county.

Do I need to do anything after I take the class?

Yes, you will need to provide the course completion certificate to the Clerk of the Courts office in the county where you received the citation. That office will be able to provide their exact requirements, including how they will accept the certificate, whether by mail, in person, etc.

How many times can I choose to attend a driver improvement course?

You may choose to take a driver improvement course once in any 12-month period (calculated from the date of your traffic violation and not by calendar year) and no more than 5 times in your lifetime (Florida Statutes, 318.14(9)). Exceptions include Broward County and Miami-Dade County where you may be able to take the 8-Hour course in the same year if you have already taken a 4-Hour course during that year; or where approved by a judge on a case by case basis.

What is an Advanced Driver Improvement (ADI) course and when should I consider taking this type of course?

This is a 12-hour online Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles-approved course and is applicable to a driver whose driving privileges have been suspended by the State of Florida for excessive points as indicated or as an habitual traffic offender (non-DUI related), or by court order per the following sections of Florida Statutes: 322.264 — Habitual Traffic Offender (HTO); 322.27 — authority of department to suspend or revoke license; 322.291 — driver improvement school required in certain license suspensions and revocations. (More Info)

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